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Modern Infantry Plate
Blocky and heavy, the Modern Infantry Plate (MIP) was universally hated by soldiers when it was first deployed in combat by the European Union during the 3rd World War. Disposing of early 21st Century armor design philosophy, the MIP is a rigid suit of armor, composed of layered ceramic and metal composites over impact-absorbing durable polymer padding. What it lacks in style, comfort, and flexibility, the MIP makes up for in affordability and simplicity; suits of MIP require almost no maintenance and can be neglected for years without degrading.
Even today the MIP remains the most widely worn combat armor worldwide. Though arms advances have rendered it largely ineffective against modern military-grade weapons, it remains capable of absorbing small arms fire and shrapnel, and its laughably affordable cost means that soldiers in resource-starved organizations will be forced to wear these uncomfortable suits for years to come.

Ceramic, Titanium Composite, Rubber
Full Suit: 21 DR, 57 lb., $145
Don: 90 seconds

Torso: 21 lb., $52 Don 25 Seconds
Arms: 10 lb., $26 Don 30 Seconds
Legs: 21 lb., $52 Don 30 Seconds
Helmet: 5lb., $15 Don 5 Seconds

Modern Infantry Plate Mk II.
No less heavy or bulky than the first generation MIP, the Mk II. has received a lukewarm reception. Though it remains notably cheaper than its rivals, it has faced notably low adoption rates, lacking the large-scale war and rapid mobilization that forced the mass-adoption of the original Modern Infantry Plate.
The MIP2 offers several notable upgrades on the MIP. Offering twice the ballistic armoring of its predecessor, the MIP2 is also designed with strong magnetic attachment points for quick donning without the need for vulnerable or easily tangled straps.

Ceramic Nanocomposite, Titanium Nanocomposite, Improved Ballistic Polymer
Full Suit: 35 DR (42 vs Piercing, Cutting), 58lb, $2,450
Don: 90 Seconds (Half all donning times if wearing MIP2 Fatigues)

Torso: 21 lb., $900 Don 25 Seconds
Arms: 10 lb., $450 Don 30 Seconds
Legs: 21 lb., $900 Don 30 Seconds
Helmet: 6 lb., $200 Don 5 Seconds

Modern Infantry Fatigues Mk II.
Despite the tepid reception of the MIP2, the Modern Infantry Fatigues have found widespread appeal across a wide variety of industries. Integrated magnetic attachment points provide for rapid donning of the associated MIP2 armor, but can also be easily repurposed for any other number of uses, from an integrated tool-belt to 3rd party armor designs.
These fatigues are relatively light and extremely resilient to the point of offering some protection as armor in its own right.

Improved Kevlar
Full Suit: 2 DR (8 vs Piercing, Cutting), 7 lb., $500
Don: 10 Seconds

Shirt: 4.5lb., $300 Don 5 Seconds
Pants: 2.5lb., $200 Don 5 Seconds


Corvid Class II Armored Suit

Improved Kevlar
Full Suit: 2 DR (6 vs Piercing, Cutting), 6 lb., $1,250
Don: 10 Seconds
Torso, Limbs, Skull, Neck

Shirt: 4 lb., $700
Pants: 2 lb., $550

Corvid Class II Body Armor

Improved Kevlar, Titanium Composite Mail
Torso: 23 DR (29 vs Piercing, Cutting), 20 lb., $1,400
Don: 10 Seconds
Torso, Neck

Corvid Class II Ballistic Mask

Titanium Composite Plate
Face: 36 DR (All), 2lb., $100
Don: 5 Seconds

Items and Technology

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