Item Crafting


Crafting Costs: 50% Item Cost
A craftsman must supply materials up-front at the beginning of the crafting project.

Progress: Progress is calculated as a measure of Value ($) per 8-Hour day of work, modified by the base difficulty of the skill involved in the crafting process, as follows:

Very Easy: $400 / Day
Easy: $200 / Day
Average: $100 / Day
Hard: $50 / Day
Very Hard: $20 / Day

In cases where multiple Skills could be applicable to a creation, the highest difficulty Skill is used.

Speed Modifiers: The creator of the item may choose to work either more quickly or more slowly, suffering penalties and bonuses to production and Effective Skill as follows:

Rush Production: +10% Produced / -1, up to -10
Meticulous Production: -10% Produced / +1, up to +5

Size Modifiers: If the item being crafted is larger than the craftsman, then the craftsman’s Effective Skill suffers a penalty equal to the difference of the Size of the craftsman, subtracted from the Size of the item being made. This does not translate to a bonus in the case of smaller items.

INTERCHANGEABLE PARTS? (50% item cost, paid up front x10 Production Speed)
Material Cost: 25% item cost, paid up front
Raw Materials: 10% item cost, x7 crafting time

Labor Cost: 50% Market Value

Critical Failure: Item destroyed, material cost lost
Failure: No progress, item loses 1 Quality Level
Success: 1 day of progress
Exceptional Success: 1d6 days of progress at no additional cost

Quality Levels, Item HT, Item Bonus, Cost Modifier
3 Cutting Edge, 14, +3, 100.0
2 Very Fine, 13, +2, 20.0
1 Fine, 12, +1, 4.0
0 Common, 11, +0, 0.0
-1 Cheap, 10 -1, 0.75
-2 Very Cheap, 9, -3, 0.5
-3 Flimsy, 8, -5, 0.25

Item Crafting

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